Monday, March 8, 2010

Oakland Moishe Is ecstatic about our permanent partner Joshua Walters, internationally acclaimed comedic beatboxer and performer. Joshua is a fantastic performer and lives right dow the hall. Many of the events which involve stage time in our house over Shabat dinner feature some silliness and occasional seriousness from J Dub's repertoire, along with other great acts. We have also gone to events of his after a great meal at our home. It really is a partnership and one we are proud to support.

Outside of the house we appreciate most anyone's interest in partnering with a Moishe House event. We are able to contribute a fantastic venue for all types of events from performances to film showings, to seminar space. We also contribute delicious hand crafted meals. Some of our successful partnerships include: Jewish Federation, FUUN-Free Unitarian Universalist Network and Jimena- Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North America.

It is Important to spend some time planning and scheduling how a partnered event will go, because it seems easier to go with the flow when the event is yours alone. Also find out exactly what the combined goal of the event is and what is expected of each party.

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