Friday, March 5, 2010

Partners in Providence

Partnerships play an increasingly important role in the programming at Moishe House Providence. By creating a working relationship with another organization or community, MHPVD can make our programming more relevant to the community. Our very first partnership was made with the Southside Community Land Trust - an organization dedicated to promoting urban agriculture and local food production. On sukkot, the harvest festival, we hosted a potluck at SCLT's "City Farm" where we ate, drank, and performed the traditional blessings with lulav an etrog. Sukkot calls upon Jews to connect with and appreciate the agricultural harvest and the relationship between the calendar and the earth's production of food for us humans. In the modern era, many urban dwellers are turning to local farmers' markets and even urban agriculture to reconnect with the farming practices that sustain our lives. Moishe House Providence has not developed formal criteria to determine is a potential partnership, but we're increasingly working to engage new partners to enable our community members to drive our programming.

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