Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stl MH Feb Blog Prompt

I would say here in St. Louis, partnerships more find us than we look for Partnerships. St. Louis has an overabundance of organizations trying to program to the young adult. We try to have an event with an outside person atleast once a month whether its a shabbat out of the house or an event being put on by another organization. In the past, we have had partnerships with a good amount of organizations including young adult groups, temples, charitable organizations, and organizations that fall outside of the Jewish category. Attendance to those events has been relatively stable, we don't seem to pull more people when we have partnered up, but there are so many other factors involved that its hard to tell. When we have partnered, it has always been compromises in terms of the planning so we end up with a better event that caters to more types/groups than we would have had. In the future, we are looking forward most to partnering with SLIC in regards to the Yom Haatzmut event we are planning, we would like to partner with possibly some more charitable organizations and maybe some entertainment establishments to get a better variety of events in.

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