Friday, March 5, 2010

MH Portland House Blog

Partnerships......4 people in the house - 5 opinions :). While we all have differening thoughts on house partnerships, I will try to give you an overall view of what we collectively do. Personally, since we are the MH and have the ability to create whatever programming we want, I prefer to not partner with other organizations for existing events and put emphasis on doing somethnig new and different that does not already exist within the community. Sometimes, I think partnering limits creativitiy and us creating something that doesn't exist.

That being said, I think it's great and important to use other organizations as resources to help us do our programming. We have doen plenty of working with the jcc, federation, kollel, chabad, conservative synagogue, etc. Whether they give us advice, use of facilities, ideas, or other various resources, it is definitely a benefit.

Some of us in our house really like to partner and do more of that....and some of us less. It all works out.

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