Monday, March 8, 2010

Moishe House Beijing - February Blog - Partnerships

Perhaps one of the more unique aspects of the Jewish community in Beijing is that its small size allows for people to have affiliations with multiple Jewish groups at once that might seem superfluous in an American city. Many MHBJ community members also find themselves involved with the liberal, egalitarian, lay led Kehillat Beijing or Chabad. Though this has undoubtedly created a strong network of Jews in the city that allows people to fulfill their Jewish needs on their terms while still remaining cohesive overall, it also means that opportunities for MHBJ to partner with other organizations are limited.

Rather than partner with other organizations, MHBJ frequently partners with individuals both within and outside of our community base for our programs. In the past, we have partnered with individuals to run programs that MHBJ residents would not have been able to do on our own. Our most successful partnership recently has been our weekly yoga sessions guided by a MHBJ regular who has been practicing yoga for years. In the past we have had speakers, chefs, and other experts (or amateurs) from various walks of Beijing life come through our doors to help with our programs.

Such partnerships with individuals have proven incredibly successful and rewarding for MHBJ but there are surely partnership opportunities that we have not yet realized. In addition to the countless individuals we would love to partner with, it would be great for us to create events that would partner us with other organizations. It could also be enriching for us to partner with other Moishe Houses in similarly far off places through skype, gchat video or other media to learn from and share with each other how our locations allow for sustainable communities.

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