Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Moishe House Hoboken and Friends

Over the past few months at Moishe House Hoboken, we have grown significantly thanks to some of the local partnerships we have made, both within the local community of Hoboken as well as around the greater New Jersey region. As we continue to grow, we have tried to incorporate some of our local partnerships into our monthly programming. This gives us an opporunity to add more diverse programming to our calendar, add to our membership, as well help spread the word that is Moishe House. This has resulted in programs such as visiting a nursing home for Bingo, co-sponsoring an event for a book release by a local author with a multitude of other Jewish organizations, and receiving additional funding to hold bigger and better shabbat dinners.

When we think about whether or not we want to partner up with a certion organization or group, there are a few things that we consider before we make a decision. The first is, how will this organization help us grow as a Moishe House? What do they have to offer? One of the groups we have partnered up with the last few months is a relatively new organization called Jersey Tribe. Jersey Tribe is a group that focuses on doing Tikkun Olam and Social Action events and is based in one of the surrounding counties in Northern New Jersey. With Jersey Tribe we have been able to offer our members a larger array of social action events than what Hoboken sometimes has to offer. In addition, because Jersey Trive is not necessarily based in Hoboken, we are able to meet new people outside of our immediate area, and grow our membership. In addition to social action events, we have also partnered with Jersey Tribe for purely social events, such as shabbat dinners and holiday programs and parties at local bars or restaurants.

Another partner who we have worked with many times is Birthright Next. Through working with Birthright Next we have been able to secure additional funding for various events, most of which are shabbat dinners. With our membership continuing to grow, and being that most of our dinners are cooked in house, providing food for upwards of 20 people two to three times a month can put a strain on our monthly budget. With Birthdright, we don't have to worry about money, and can focus more on bringing as many people to our shabbat dinners as possible. Another perk that Birthright provides for us, is its name. Many people in our community went on a Birthright trip while they were in college, and by having Birthright's name coupled with Moishe House, we will occasionally get a few people who come so they can see, meet, and talk to other people who had the Birthright experience (and also learn about Moishe House).

Finally, we have the partners that we work with on a regualr basis within our own community. This includes the local conservative synagogue who we partner with for discussion nights, shabbat dinners, and larger events that need more space than what our apartment can provide. We also partner up with the synagogue's group for young adults, JYAH -Jewish Young Adults of Hoboken - for various events. JYAH focuses more on social events, so of course this brings us to potenial members all the time.

Like all Moishe Houses around the world, our survival is going to depend on reaching out into the local communities for resources of all kinds. For as long as we come across other organizations and people with similar goals as us, we will take it upon ourselves to form a partnership with them that will only benefit both parties.

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