Monday, March 8, 2010

Partnerships with MoHoLo

We often partner with likeminded organisations within the Jewish Community and organisations that are not Jewish in our local area.

We have made an extra special effort to try and involve organisations of the different denominations of Judaism and feel that we have been successful at that.

Most recently we partnered with the local council and the 'Willesden Apple Pickers' to bring the Wassailing event, which was a remarkable success. It included people from the local community as well as Moishe House regulars and they together managed to get the local authority to plant a tree in the events honour!

We regularly partner with the JCC to bring refugees to our house once a month for food and hanging out and this is also something we pride ourselves on.

Over all we would say that partnerships with organisations are absolutely key to the reach and success of our house. Although single handedly we hold a large mailing list of regular attendees (over 800 now). By partnering with other organisations we allow for more diverse programming and to always keep things fresh, as well as reaching out to many more people in the wider community who then come into contact with Moishe House.

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