Friday, March 5, 2010

MoHOC Partners up in March: Communication + Unity = Community

At MoHOC we are in the unique position that there is not the most cohesive Jewish community in our area. Partnerships, for us in Orange County, function to increase our membership as well as diversify our group base. We cater the 20-something , early 30’s crowd; whereas YLD, a group we partner with, beings in people all the way into their 40’s.

How is all of this relevant?

A partnered event is like a good relationship, you need open and active communication as well as some idea of what you want from each other. Let’s face if one side is doing more work that the other, I wouldn’t call that a partnership, it’s more of a free ride. The beauty of joining together in the name of programming is being able to bring people together that might not have otherwise met, be it due to age, geography, or just not knowing about the other group.

One of the most influential groups for us is JewC, an organization founded by Rae Gross who started MoHOC. She saw the need for a central “meeting” place for the OC Jews, JewC’s function was to give them that space; the problem was that there were no events or real cohesive community. Without her hard work and initial event programming MoHOC would not be where it is today. We have created a community out of very little, and now as we grow our ideas and connections we are looking, like many of the other houses, into the secular community. Reflecting on last month’s post about tzedakah there are many nonreligious organizations and groups that would welcome an influx of new members, beach clean-ups with Surfrider, working in the shelters with SPCA, or in Laguna Beach’s Marine Mammal Rescue Center.

As our little home grows into it’s niche on the coast of Orange County, we have no reason to not find new people to partner with, all we have is time to do amazing things with the resources and amazing members we have.

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