Sunday, February 28, 2010


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Monday's Bet Midrash will not be at Moishe House as previously advertised but at Sandy's row synagogue at 7pm, before E-prhyme's gig at the same venue starting at 8pm

Rabbi Shulamit Amabalu, who would have taught at the Moishe House, will be teaching about music and Judaism:

Our rabbis taught that something once happened. Something bad.
So bad that there was never any more rejoicing, and never any more music.
Or, never any songs. Or, not actually but songs with rowdy words.
Or, songs with rude words that people sang at parties.
Not just parties, but parties with dancing and wine. more songs? No more parties? No more wine?
What happened? What might have broken the world?
And how should we mourn?

Shulamit Ambalu's roots are in the Punk rock movement of the late 70's and early 80's.
A lot happened after that and she has been a rabbi for the last six and a half years.
At North London Progressive Jewish Community and in Milton Keynes.

Then the gig:

Experience the most cutting-edge contemporary Ashkenazi music in London's oldest Ashkenazi synagogue. Eprhyme is a Radical Jewish Renaissance Rapper who spits rhymes designed to refine the mind of the listener. Kabbalah, psychology, politics and party rocking are intertwined with elements of jazz, funk, klezmer, and Middle Eastern music to create a powerful and poetic plea for peace, justice, joy and unity.

Eprhyme will be visiting from New York and this is his only major public London date. It is a unique opportunity to hear him in an incredible historic venue, as he raps from the Sandys Row central bimah.



Concert 8pm
Tickets £7.50

Buy tickets here -

(the Bet Midrash talk is free should you just want to come to that)

4 Sandy's Row
London, E1 7HW
Nearest Tube: Liverpool Street

See you there!

The Moishe House crew

Moishe House London, in Willesden Green, is part of Moishe House, a worldwide network of houses that are centres for grassroots Jewish community. From our own home, we aim to bring exciting, creative, post-denominational Jewish community to London.

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Great Eprhyme gig in London.
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