Wednesday, February 3, 2010

MohoDen - To infinity, and beyond...

New Directions

As we are still a relatively new house in the Moho community, we are often moving in new directions. The creative aspects of our programming has been informed by various ideas, new members, and fun conversations at each of our events -- leading to tikkun olam activities, an upcoming discussion that could range from Raj Patel's new book The Value of Nothing, Alan Derschowitz's new book The Case for Moral Clarity: Israel, Hamas, and Gaza, the State of our Union, as well as ways for supporting relief and rehabilitation activities in Haiti.

In examining our house programming, we will continue to have our shabbat dinners at least once a month, with different food themes...and we'll also be going ice skating the end of this month, which should be good fun. we look forward to continued input from our members and well, tapping the creativity that is core to our community. We're also looking forward to taking advantage of the new web-based programming tools being offered to us as Moho members for future event planning.

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