Thursday, February 11, 2010

Partnerships with MHSS - February Blog

Here at MHSS partnerships play various important roles in our monthly programming. Less than half of our monthly events include a partnership. Depending on the event or partner, the partnerships bring different types of resources to the events, such as outreach support, educational resources, facility resources, special skills, financial support, and a place for donations. I will use our monthly Capitol Boogies and the "Welcome the Stranger" programs as two different examples. Each month we have a different partner for the Capitol Boogie event. We ask this partner for both help to advertise the event and assist in the set up and clean up for the event. After the Boogie, we donate the money raised that night to the partner organization. Another example is when MHSS partnered with Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society for the "Welcoming the Stranger" program. In this situation, HIAS provided the materials and information as well as helped with outreach needed for the educational program and MHSS provided the space, food and participants.

As a whole the MHSS looks for potential partners who can contribute to the event and made it more fulfilling for the participants. As mentioned earlier, partners can contribute through outreach and resources support. It is important to note that sometimes we seek our partners, and other time partners seek out us for different events. Furthermore, I think each MHSS member looks for different partners depending on their interests and ideas for events.
Many of the partners that MHSS works with are also in the jewish community, such as Tikkum Leil Shabbat, Jews United for Justice Minyan Segulah, and local synagogues. These organizations have influenced MHSS by bringing in more local young jews into our community. Also, each organization helps educate the residents and members and make us more aware of what is happening in our local and global community. For the future, MHSS would be interesting in partnering with groups of different faiths and organize interfaith gatherings. Other upcoming ideas for MHSS programs that would benefit with a partner from an arts organization or experience in holistic healing.

Ultimately, we hope our partners help build our MHSS community and also connect more people in the jewish community.

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