Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When Are You Coming Over?

Shabbaton Weekend
This is a perfect blog prompt because I just came up with the ideal Moishe House weekend for our guests. Since we live in an amazing house in a luxurious location the idea of an energy packed 36 hours feels amazing. I imagine the retreat taking place during the Spring Summer time, right before sunset. Our first ritual is to welcome Shabbat in a very powerful way; we would gather and decompress inwardly and together. The food that we serve is healthy and kosher. As we enjoy the cuisine and the company we ease into discussions about “what does it mean to be Jewish and how can we preserve our values for the next generation?” After dinner we sit back and relax enjoy some sweets and just hang out and set up our sleeping bags on our huge patio and get ready for an evening under the stars. I love sleeping outside in nice weather and our patio can accommodate a lot of people. The following morning we awake at sunrise with meditation and yoga. After practice we have a delicious healthy breakfast and then begin to have discussions about our lifestyles and what we can accomplish and how to deal with success. Torah is the best self improvement text out there, which would serve as the ideal resource. This will lead us into noon prayer and meditation. After our noon ritual we have lunch and then nap time, during this block of the day, our guests can walk by the lake or lounge at our place. After our lunch break, we reconvene for another session reflecting on nutrition and being well. Then we as a group we begin to prepare for Havdala and then dinner. After dinner we go out into the world as individuals and a group and then party till the Sun comes up. This and so much more will be created as our ideas come to fruition.

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