Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Directions

With the start of the new year and the anticipations that lie in the Soccer World Cup being held in South Africa, the opportunities it holds has awoken our South African identity. This has recently been reinforced with the State of the Nation Address, by our President, which we all watched together, along with a few friends, at the house. With all this nationalism at hand, we have been forced to re-examine our roles as Jewish South African Zionist youth. As Jewish youth, we want to become more involved in South African projects, such as Equal Education and the Treatment Action Campaign initiative. We feel that, at Moishe House, the centre of the young Jewish community, we can help to influence our peers to become more involved in such programs. We plan to, every few months invite guest speakers from such organisations to come and talk at house events.

On a different note, we have also been thinking about inviting non-Jewish friends to the house in order to teach each other a little bit about our different religions. We would also like to teach them a little bit about Zionism, such as what it is and what it entails and the deep and fantastic history behind it. In the past, we have held events that entail lectures followed by

discussions but this year we would like to incorporate a more active approach to encourage people to educate themselves through us, rather than have us educating them. We would like to start a monthly event, where we invite children from the Jewish community over to the house, where we run fun and educational activities for them, followed by a short session in which we help them with their homework. In doing so, we will be giving back to our own community, as well as educating future Moishe House residents in the process!

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