Friday, February 5, 2010

MHSF Jan House Blog

Maybe it’s the residual lingering new-year-smell of January, but I still feel like it’s the season for making fresh plans and starting new projects. It’s in that spirit that MHSF has 8 events each month, which gives us the room to bring in one or two new events each month while still keeping the crowd favorites on the monthly rotation. I think it's awesome that there are certain events that we try to keep on the schedule every month: Shabbat dinners, poker nights and team games are a great way to maintain a community presence. They are always fun and always popular - people look forward to these events every month and always note them on their calendar. But the beauty of having 8 events every month (beyond having a jam-packed social schedule) is that there is still a lot of room to try new things every month and know that in doing so you aren’t going to be leaving anyone out, just gaining more.

One of MHSF’s greatest assets is its location; this city has provides a limitless venue of new places to go, people to meet and adventures to have. I think one of the things that we want to do more of in the future is take advantage of all the city has to offer, be it trips to local museums and concerts, or taking a more active / regular role in local philanthropy. We’ve already planned a few events to this effect, but really getting physically out in the city, participating in local events is not only a lot of fun, but a really awesome way to foster a unique local identity for any Moishe House.

Later this month we are going to be having a Torah Talk at the house which will be led by a local community member. More than just being interested in what our local scholar has to say, I love that MHSF can be a venue for someone in our community to share what he/she is passionate about in an open and (hopefully) receptive environment. We are already putting together an event next month that will use our house as a venue for other local musicians and performers to share their talents with the community. More than just bringing new people into our MHSF environment, we can also be a conduit through which members of our community can share their talent and passion with others.

Ultimately, what I think brings people to MHSF events for the first time, and keeps them coming later, is that every month we have something new to offer while making sure the oldies are still goodies.

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