Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bringing in the Professionals

Oakland Moishe has been a fantastic venue for exploring creativity, preforming arts, good nutrition and music with influences from many different cultures and factions of jewish lifestyle. It is time to also recognize the changing face of the world we live in as well as the faces of members of our community, and generation. We are all getting older! Now is a good time to develop our dreams personally and professionally. Community describes many aspects of interacting with our peers and one very important factor of community is the support we receive to live, grow and become prosperous. Whether that means cashing in, breaking through, letting lose, or turning inward, welcome the support of your people, and offer what you can to improve the dynamic of the internal community as well as strengthening the outward connections to the greater human community.

In the near future Oakland Moishe is excited to explore ways in which to create personal and professional growth opportunities within our events. The venue will be structured in such a way that we can all learn about members of our community. Find out about dreams, aspirations, skills and frustrations in preparation for the future. I would love to have a number of speakers come to Oakland Moishe, perhaps from the University or any other school of thought we find appropriate. Another idea is to have workshops around skills for developing technical or business skills, such as, a web designing workshop, or a "get to know your computer" workshop.

As we grow older it becomes more exciting to consider what we contribute and how we receive from our community. For folks between the ages of 20-30 exploring our skills and developing a team of individuals who can support our goals will aide greatly our journey, and may benefit us down the road in ways we cannot see yet. I hope to see programming based on becoming more whole and prosperous young adults! L'chaim, and welcome the subtle aging and refining of us as individuals and community.

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Anonymous said...

This is Miraz from NY, i came across
Moishe House in, being a
muslim and observing a long-term tension between jewish and muslim community i always want to do something meaningful to reduce the conflict between us, do you guys think i can do somehting ?

-- Miraz