Tuesday, February 9, 2010

January House Blog - MH Mexico City

One of our main topic of conversation this past week is that we are
now entering a new "phase" within Moishe House Mexico City. The main
idea behind this change of direction is this: we´re changing from
being a house in which three people introduce the events to outsiders
who don`t know about Moishe House to being a community in which
everyone who wants to has a space open for them. This we hope will
allow us to have new and fresh programs every month, as well as, to
attract more diversity to the house.

We are now reaching a moment in the history of Moishe House in which
our loyal crowd is starting to suggest different events to us. And
we´re starting to conceive our role not as the organizers of communal
events but as facilitators for a new community to express itself. By
allowing our members to actively engage in the programming we will be
able to up our man power and get a greater influx of ideas. This
approach will also grant us a greater loyalty among our community.

Taking this in mind,we´ve started to "give the power" to the people.
The result from this has been a wide array of events that range from
artistic expressions to night outings. Some people like to cook,
others to eat: someone might be interested in doing a poetry-slam, or
a musical event with a live band. These are all events that we hadn`t
considered doing before because we were not in the position to do it,
we were considering just bringing people over. Now that we have them,
it´s time to expand our frame of mind.

Some ideas for the events that we might want to have, that were
requested by our visitors and between us are the following:
- Conferences and debates about current themes. (Financial crisis,
world problematics, middle eastern politics, etc.)
-Tikkun ollam in a hospital or an orphanage. We could do an activity
with puppets for them. All of this in conjunction to "Espacio en
Blanco", a young jewish association dedicated to this.
-We might organize a workshop dealing with some sort of arts and crafts.
-Visits to the museum of the city.
-Visit to one of the bars around the neighborhood.
-Organizing a little concert in the house.
-Organizing a small interactive play in the house.
-Having differente "world" themed shabat (marrocai, argentinian, etc.)

These are plenty of ideas that have been suggested to us, but we
hope they will grow exponentially with the growth of our community.
Tomorrow will be the first time we will be hosting our first shared
event and are hoping it will be great. We believe this idea has great
potential and can help foster a more communal environment. We feel a
Moishe House is a shared experience and this will bring us closer to
shearing our experience with our following.

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