Friday, February 5, 2010

January House Blog - MH Buenos Aires


It’s the summer holidays here in the southern hemisphere and when we all get back to the House from various parts of the world we’re going to have a big fat brainstorm of what events we are going to programme to better fulfil our aims. In anticipation of what we’re going to discuss in terms of what’s missing in our programming, it’s mainly going to be social action and maybe Jewish learning too. For a while we’ve been talking about wanting and needing to get ourselves more into social action. There is no shortage of opportunities to help others out in Buenos Aires, with giving money, resources and time. We have had successful fundraising parties and time-giving events, but they’ve been one-offs and we need something more regular which would be much more beneficial for both sides. Watch this space to see what we come up with!

In terms of Jewish learning, we think that more people would come if food was involved. So inviting a speaker over Friday night dinner or a mid-week / Sunday dinner and discussion would be a more appealing and appetizing way of learning. We tried this out with an Israel-focussed evening where we watched the Alan Dershowitz film ‘The Case for Israel’, discussed our thoughts and had dinner. The success of this event has spurred us into thinking of hosting a series of events of this sort – watching educational films, discussing and munching. It’s a light and enjoyable way of learning. Only problem is finding films that at least have Spanish subtitles… any ideas of how to get hold of such things?? Help would be much appreciated. Gracias!

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