Friday, February 5, 2010

January House Blog - MH Budapest

New directions in the life of MoHoBp

First of all, we need to move! As soon as the weather gets better, we finally have to start to do sporty programs. As the first step of the spring cleaning we will invite our friends to come and take the recyclable rubbish to the selective containers. Then we may make our kitchen kasher. Besides, we could make our living room/synagogue, in the frame of a creative workshop, warmer and friendlier.

And in that moment we could finally start to visit the European Moishe Houses, as well as we could invite them here to build the spirit of the international Moishenik-feeling. What the outdoor programming concerns, we plan to make excursions, either by bike or by foot. We already thought about buying a table-tennis table which would just fit in the living room. Moreover, one of our active members, who are a gypsy-dance dancer, may teach us the basic steps.

And last, but not least, spring will touch our soul and Purim will reform us from inside. Not only our body, but also our mind needs some training. Therefore we are planning to organize a Parasha study group where week by week everybody comments the actual Torah portion from his personal point of view, which will be followed by a discussion.

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