Thursday, May 6, 2010

Russian Moishe House is approaching its 1 year anniversary!!

Almost a year flew by...that's incredible, time flies fast! And what a year it's been...Last July we set out to create a more unified local Russian-Jewish community. Our first goal was to get our name out there and make Russian Moishe House a recognizable name in the community. We have definitely achieved that goal - I am proud to say that not only every major Jewish and Russian Jewish organization in the Chicagoland area knows us, most of the people in the community are at least aware of our existence. We provide interesting, fun programming in the comfort of our home and that is appealing. Sometimes it amazes me that our members travel for an hour just to come our to events, especially in bad weather. We have also succeeded in introducing Jewish content to our community. Our Shabbat dinners are definitely a success and we often have to turn people down because we can only accommodate a certain number. However, this area still needs improvement - as Dima mentioned in his October post, Russian-Jewish community is skeptical and careful about Jewish content. Some of our more Jewish events have not been as successful as we would have liked, so this is something we are still working on. Right now we are going through a transition as two of our roommates moving out in the less than two months. So for the next three months or so our goal is find the right candidates and smoothly transition into our second year without having the quality of our events suffer. I feel we are definitely moving towards a more tight-knit community. I think our next step would be to work on creating a core group of people passionate about the project who can help us take Russian Moishe House to the next level. I'm very excited...


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atayala said...

Happy Anniversary! Good luck with everything.

Deirdre G
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