Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Goals of the Moishe House Warsaw part II

Hey , I was a person who was wrting thos blog in september and that what I wrote then:

"I think In one year our Moishe house is still going to be a vivid center o Jewish young adults in Warsaw. We are getting better in organizing diffrent events so in one year I guess thinks will be still getting better I hope we will be cooperating with even more diffrent people and organizations to give young people more opotunieties to do something jewish in their lives.
In three years our Moishe house will be located somewhere else probably, in a biger apartament with more space. We will be still active members of Jewish comunity in Warsaw so probably todays tennagers will be old enough to visit our events and have fun with us
I cant tell if we will be still running our Moishe House in five years maybe there will be some younger people taking it over from us when some of us will be to old to be a Moishe house resident. 5 years is really long time but Im sure that even if Im not going to be a resident anymore for sure there is going to be a cool Moishe House in Warsaw"

Im not sure wether member of a Moishe House is a good person to juge if it achived it goals but I think we are dooing weel. We where maiking shabbat dinner, letures, jewish hollidays, swap partes, picniks and more. We are aslo getting more known in Polish Jewish comunity. There are people from other cites who are comming to moishe house to celebrate hollydays with us so it is a plece from young people from whole Poland not only from Warsaw and I find it cool that we are aible to sosialize with people not only from Warsaw.

What are our goals for the next tree mounths? I hope Moishe House its going to benefit a lot from a good wether and finaly we will make evwents in parks again! I really love playing fresbee in a Park and Im really happy that it is going to be pissible soon for example for Jom Ha-Acmaut! And ofcourse dooing our best like always.

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