Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Moishe House Great Neck

Back in September our main We felt that the best way to create that was by hosting Jewish learning programs. I'm glad to say that we have been cery successful in creating a community. We have been especially successful the past few months with our newest roommates. Our new roommates already had strong ties to the Great Neck community, and our events the past few months have been extremely successful; enabling the list of regulars that attend our events to grow, and helping create a larger and stronger community.

We have also been very successful in building our community through programs with our partnerships. We have truly formed a strong partnership with the Bet Torah V'Ahava
(BTA) organization. We have done many programs with them, and as we thought, the Jewish learning programs with the BTA have helped create a tight community at Moishe House Great Neck. We are looking forward to as great summer with some great programs planned.

Wishing the Moishe House community all the best,

Moishe House Great Neck

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Jeremy Moskowitz said...

The learning program has been a Great Neck Standard for some time, how do you keep this program fresh?