Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MHSF - Goals

In developing community goals and objectives, it is important to analyze existing community
characteristics, such as: social and economic features, environmental resources, available
services and facilities, and existing land use. In addition to examining existing characteristics,
another important tool in the development of community goals and objectives is to identify
community assets,

Each month MHSF sits down to plan the next month's events, and I'm sure many houses around the world share this practice. However, I'm not sure how much our conversations mirror those of other houses. We're all very busy and it's difficult for us to find a time when the 5 of us can sit down and meet, much less a time that's not late in the evening where we're all thinking about sleeping or watching the newest South Park episode (by the way, the last one where they stage an intervention for Towelie was amazing). Our conversations focus exclusively on the events for the next month, and we don't ever discuss how we're doing as a house besides the events themselves. What I mean is that we're not tossing around who is doing what, and more importantly who feels comfortable doing what.

I think having everyone understand their capabilities and what it takes to successfully run a Moishe House is critical to the sustainability of the project, and I think we're lacking a little in that respect. Obviously not everyone will remain in a Moishe House forever, and eventually each house will be turned over to less experienced people. That's not a bad thing at all, and in fact the organization requires that model to succeed. However, certain houses may be exposed to quite a hitch following a roommate or two moving out if they're not made aware of their responsibilities and capabilities during their time as a resident.

I'd love to see our house discuss more issues relating to sharing of work and responsibilities so that our house can remain productive and a model for Moishe House prosperity.


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