Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MH Hoboken, no joke'n


Several months ago I wrote to you about my goals. Introspection is a rare but important quality and surprise I have it! So several months ago I stated that I wanted to grow on two levels. First I wanted to grow and expand the community. Second I wanted to empower and challenge leaders in the community. I am proud to say that overall we have had "great success". We have both expanded the type of programing that we engage in as well as have started a Planning Committee. Both of these endeavours have played into each other - our diversity of programing has enriched the community but it has been our Planning Committee which has really been the clincher. I asked 3 persons who represent different aspects of our community to join us in programing, planning the calender, and in general leadership roles. They had suggested programs, created ideas to promote our Moishe House and have added a much needed and different perspective.

In the next 3 months I hope to challenge the community to think outside of the box. This is a dual edged goal - first to think in terms of how we conceptualize ourselves and also to think of how we act in our local community. Tachlis wise I am inviting more speakers for every Shabbat Dinner (JUST EAT IT!) from all different walks of thinking Jewish life. I have also taken inspiration from Moishe House Boston in terms of community involvement. I have decided to get our Moishe House community involved with the larger local struggle for community issues in Hoboken. This means issues which affect all people in Hoboken, from our lack of parking, to our unaffordable rents, to our lack of community parks etc...

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MH Hoboken No Joke'n

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Jeremy Moskowitz said...

I think the addition of the planning committee has been an excellent step for your house, I'm excited to see the growth that happens as a result of this measure.