Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Goals re-visited - Moishe House Johannesburg

None of us were active residents of our Moishe House in September last year so we will write about what our goals will be for the next year, 3 years, and 5 years. We think our primary goal should be to continue to expand our group of members, and try and involve some of the 'fringe' guests more. In other words, we have quite a lot of people who come to our big events, but a smaller group who we would consider our 'core' members. I think it is important to continue to grow that core group of people in order to run bigger events more often. This can hopefully be achieved in the next few years and will take time to build up a solid base of people.

We also think one of our other big goals is to carry on with some of our regular events. Our members enjoy consistency, so events like the Documentary of the Month, and the Book Club would be very valuable to continue. Establishing some kind of routine with those types of events will also help us to achieve our first goal because as more people attend those regular events, they begin to form part of our core group of members.

Another goal for perhaps the next year to three years is to fix up the house a little. We have a very big space which we are fortunate to be able to use for our larger events but it is not in the best condition. We would like to fix a few things up, and make it a little more homely and user-friendly. We think we can have a few fun events involving our members in the process so that they feel a part of the change that they will see, and that they will feel that the Moishe House is just as much theirs as it is ours.

Lastly, a goal for the next five years is to pass on the tradition of running a Moishe House in Johannesburg. We hope that the community continues to thrive from it and appreciate the work that we do here. Bringing in more people, and continuing the connection we have with those who already attend so that when the residents of the house change, we still have a solid connection with our members. We feel the presence of Moishe House is very important here, and we hope that our current members will consider being residents themselves one day to continue the work that we do.

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