Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Short and Long Term Goals for Moishe House Silver Spring

Moishe House Silver Spring has had a very interesting past few months. Since last year this time, 4 out of the 5 house members have changed. With the new group having soaked our feet, we are well on our way to jump in to Moishe! New residents have brought some new and exciting energy along with an opportunity to revisit how exactly and who we should be appealing to. We have also been making new and exciting changes within the house itself. We want to keep a clean and inviting space and have rearranged some furniture and new housemate Uri has given us some great furniture and sound system.

Looking back to the fall, some of the long term goals have definitely been achieved and we're still working toward others. For instance, we brought back the Capitol Boogie, a no shoes, no alcohol dance party held once a month for Tikkun Olam and where we raise money for a local nonprofit. This event has been wildly successfull and is growing every time. This will definitely be a staple of Moishe House Silver Spring.

Some of our future qualitative goals include creating both more regular programming to reach out to a broader base in our community and upholding our commitment to them in terms of program quality and diversity. We want to create events that interest us but also represent the desires of our community- thingslike movie night series and science/Judaism lectures. In addition, with some new housemates that we wish to work together cohesively to collaborate with partenring organizations, to create a rosh hodesh group and a discussion group. We will continue to look toward making our location more accessible and available as well whether this be by hosting events in different locations or moving closer to a metro. We will continue to examine this goal and to plan strategically both internally and with our community members. We will be reaching out to the ever changing world of DC metro area organizations to build partnerships and changing groups of young professionals to invite them to be a part of our growing community.

We are excited about additional communal meals within the house, and the new residents. It is going to be a great Spring!

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Jeremy Moskowitz said...

New blood brings new opportunities! We at MH Central are all excited for the new look of MHSS!