Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle - RRR, London

It's so odd, being part of an extended family I barely know: I look at the gorgeous pictures of Moishe House Orange County, recently published online. I look at the smiling faces when I breeze through the MoHo homepage to take a glance at what incredible events are occurring worldwide. And I can tell by the look on your faces, you other residents, that regardless of your interpretation of the Moishe House brief, you experience many of the same challenges and joys as we do here at MoHoLo. And no doubt the same delight at facilitating this shift out of conventional communal shapes and patterns and making a space where more is possible. It would make sense that we would have so much to share, and delight in each other.
But I do not know you. Those of you in the USA are lucky to have a retreat where you can know each other. To me, you are the missing piece of the puzzle. I know the shape of what is around you, I know roughly what the picture on the missing piece should look like, but how satisfying and fulfilling it would be to have you here, behold you and complete my picture.

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