Monday, May 24, 2010

Meaningful Moments in Silver Spring:

Use this month's blog to share a meaningful story or experience from your Moishe House Community. Feel free to be as specific as you would like when writing this blog.

For us, as a house, the most meaningful experiences that happen through our Moishe House Community are when people come together to share aspects of themselves that one might not see immediately through casual encounters, and when we create organic Jewish experiences that appeal to people.

An example of the first can be found in our monthly coffee houses. Coffee houses are an opportunity for people to come together and share their talents in the intimate environment of our living room. It is special to see community members - or people who are coming to us for the first time - come to our house and share their talents. The community that is created when an individual gets up and plays a song she has written on her guitar, getting everyone in the room to clap and sway along, is extremely special.

Another meaningful experience comes whenever we have Shabbat or holiday observances in our house. The transformation of space that occurs when our living room becomes a sanctuary and prayer space or a dining room for a festival meal, is very special and very meaningful. We think that this is true for all our attendees and community members, but it is all the moreso for us, as residents. We get to see our house and our space transformed through the contributions of our community members, through the invocation of prayers, or through ritual observances. Seeing the way we can transform our space through community is meaningful.

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