Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MH Oakland: Goals Met, Goals Desired

It's funny, but in September of 2009, I was setting the exact same goals as I am now: Roommate interconnectedness. In September, as a relatively new member of the house, and with two fellows I had just begun to get to know, my sights were set on making the transition as smooth as possible. Yet again, the house is in the same situation, new roommate, new ideas, new ways of making it work. Fortunately, the new roomie couldn't be more easy-going and eager. This makes the two older-generations residents job a lot easier. We still have our weekly meetings to talk about whatever is on our minds. We talk about past events and how they went, how they can change, upcoming events and our visions of them. We talk about the silly people that come to our events, and the fun we have with them. We talk about who's gonna take out the trash, whose gonna write the blog. Sometimes life gets in the way of weekly meetings, but we try to make them work because we know they are key to our house running smoothly. And key to us enjoying each other.

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