Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Goals re-visited - Moishe House Buenos Aires


As we planned in our last September blog some point were achieved and some of them are still not reached. Moishe House Buenos Aires is a well know place to have fun and come to activities, but when it comes to Jewish learning or tzedaka events, numbers show that people don’t commit as much as they do when it comes to having fun. We do reach the goal of having a Pesaj Seder in our house, and also a Pizza party when pesaj was over. We try to have one shabbat dinner every month and we plan to keep with that and get new people involve with it.

Regarding the next three months, we plan to have shabbat dinner as usual, more Jewish learning events (like a tikun in shabbuot) and since a few weeks we are going to a charitable dinner space and more and more people are joining us. Evaluating our goals in numbers is pretty hard, we prefer to take our energies on the idea of opening the spaces for people to come and not putting the goals in numbers.

In the past the best activities where the ones that we organized with more organizations, like Hillel or Cool Am or Hacoaj, cause it brings us the opportunity to reach new young jewish people and explain them what is Moishe House about. Continuing with this we are planning many events together with other communities or institutions.

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