Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Goals re-visited - Moishe House Chisinau

Taking all this into account, please evaluate your goals for the next three months for your Moishe House. Please give concrete examples of both qualitative and quantitative goals.

If your house was not active in September, please use this blog as an opportunity to discuss your goals for your Moishe House for the next year. three years and five years.

Quantitative goals - We want to invite every month not less then 20 new guests.
Our goal is to make more than 6 programs monthly. We want to increase the number of organizations we collaborate with. Our goal is to make more regular programs (special guest, movie night etc.)
We have in plans realization of one social project per 3 months.

Qualitative goals - In future we have a plan to open a Jewish library in Moishe House. In plans we want new types of programs as sport games, picnic or going to Jewish places in Moldova. We are looking forward collaborating with other MH in FSU.

We want our MH to become a place uniting Jews with different points of view and life positions.

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