Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Goals re-visited - Moishe House Vienna

When looking backwards and trying objectively to evaluate our progress in the past few months, we clearly see that there are fields that we have fully accomplished our goals and we are progressing towards the right direction and there are some fields, obviously, that we still need to improve.

#In a respective to all the things that concern to Judaism, we are following our targets: we have weekls lectures and Shabat every two weeks, we make special events for the holidays and many people from the community automatically contact us before a holiday or a Shabat cause they know that Mishe House is usually organazing something, the future goal in that direction would be to preserve that.

another goal was corporate with other organizations and it is something that we are starting to see the outcome as we just had a great Lag-Baomer BBQ for (!!!) 150

people with 2 more organizations from Vienna, and there many events ideas for the future

Where we need some improvement:

We did not really advance with the internet (we have a Facebook page but that can use some more work and planning)

Not so relevant anymore:

We see that our 'market share' within Vienna is more valuable right now, so we prefer on focusing on our own community for the time being, and with the current resources that we have, we realize now that doing the next step of expanding our activities, is something that needs some time , and should be done on a later stage.

We thought of subscribing Moishe House Vienna as a host to to an internet site that offer Jewish people who are traveling the opportunity to eat a Shabat dinner, however, on a second thought we have many people from our own community that are on a first priory and we have to provide them the chance to spend a Shabat (hopefully on a regular basis) with us. The idea of hosting people is still very important but as a vision we would like first to make sure we give 100% to our own community.

That is more or less all the targets for the long run are still the same, we hope to write again in a few months and talk about a similar progress as we had in the past 5 months!

Warm Regards from the not so warm Vienna,

Danny, Michi and Tal

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