Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Goals, both short and long term. MH Cleveland

Since September, when our "goals" blog was written by a now-former roommate, it became clear that one of our main goals was to transition into a different house dynamic, with some new blood in the mix. We did accomplish this.

In the past few months we have accomplished:

Having new and different types of events and empowering community members to lead events

Having regular weekly house meetings (before they were more infrequent)

Dividing tasks among participants differently

Establishing stable events that happen every month

Deciding to move and looking at a number of new locations

Incorporating ideas for events from other Moishe Houses and different organizational and administrative strategies designed and used by other houses

Being in contact with residents from other houses in order to discuss events, organizational tasks, and problem solve

Having all events posted at least three weeks in advance in the living area of our house on a white board so that anyone who comes over can see them

Coming up with lots of awesome blog prompts for the future!

Our goals for the future 3-5 months are:

Branching further outside of our social circles and engaging even more of the Cleveland Jewish Community

Publicizing over the summer by having a Moishe House information table in the non-profit section of street fairs and other cultural events in Cleveland

Partnering/co-sponsoring at least one or two events with other Moishe Houses.
We have a camping trip coming up at the end of May with MH Hoboken and MH Silver Spring!!!!

Having an event/concert at local Jewish-owned venue that is either a fundraiser for MH

Moving MH Cleveland, hopefully in June, to a larger house with more bedrooms (allowing for more MH residents) and a larger living room and dining area, and starting the interview process for new resident(s)

Making bumper stickers, MH t-shirts, and business cards

Increasing our number of monthly events, and moving towards the higher rent subsidy and programing budget

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Jeremy Moskowitz said...

Excited by all the progress, I'll connect you w/the Philly house, they made business cards too!