Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Goals re-visited - Moishe House Cape Town

Wow… to think of us, having a Moishe house for the next 5 years is absolutely amazing! I can only think of great things coming out of it. It's isn't easy to have 7 successful events every month, but we are really trying.

We need to think of ways in which we can progress for the next couple of years. In the past 2 years a lot of our guests for events are people who have been attending our activities regularly. I'm sure having a series of events, with a continuity every month (beside our successful book club) would be awesome and could attract more and more people. We are, as Moishe House Cape Town can have a few events with the different Moishe Houses around the world. Although South Africa can be problematic with Internet connections, I'm sure a house meeting with one of the other houses around the world would contribute to us and the other houses.

The year so far has been amazing. We’ve had really great and interesting programs; we kept in touch with most of our friends throughout our activities. This is something we need to continue with, integrate fun and Jewish education into our programs and keep it young and vibrant.

The question of the next 3 to 5 years is much more difficult! When we had our Moishe house meeting the other day discussing our goals we couldn't really think of a really better goal rather than keep Moishe House Cape Town as it is.

Every day we are thinking of new topics, new methods to upgrade our programs. We believe our programs as they have been should be centred on and related to Judaism, Zionism, Jewish life in South Africa that is both relevant to young adults and contemporary.

We are 100% sure we can fulfil our goals within the next year… 3… and 5…

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