Friday, June 4, 2010

What I like about mobile email

Very little. Any communication technology artificially inseminated
into our culture by predatory marketing tactics has a threshold where
it transitions from useful and productive to addictive and
destructive. Speaking only for myself, I can think of very few
circumstances where having a constant stream of email pushed to my
phone has made any difference. In my experience, these circumstances
included subletting or renting out a property, selling an item on
Craigslist, or addressing an urgent support issue at work. These
issues, however, account for the minority of mobile email usages, and
most of the time, mobile email is nothing but anxiety and stress. For
example, if I don't maintain self discipline, I end up checking my
phone for a newly arrived email every time it vibrates or I notice the
LED light. If I'm expecting something, I experience way too many
emotional states in the 5 - 10 seconds it takes me unlock my phone,
check the email, process it's importance, possibly scan it for
content, decide if I want to delete it, and lock my phone again. I
feel much happier when I'm present in the moment than multitasking
between a conversation or a meeting, and my phone. Whatever
inconvenience I may experience on some rare occasions is justified by
the increased pleasure in everyday life I will gain by eliminating
this major distraction.

I think I'm be better off without mobile email.

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