Saturday, June 5, 2010

MoHo Dallas-This ain't no meat market

Two stories in particular highlight the successful attainment of our main goals - instilling a sense of community and building friendships.

The first is about a 24 year old named David (last names withheld to ensure anonymity) who moved to the Dallas area a few months ago for a job. He had been to a few Friday night services at various synagogues but felt out of place as he was single among a crowd of older, often married adults with children. He was looking for a communal Jewish outlet but not necessarily to be a "member" of a community. There was JDate and a few singles mixers put on by the local Jewish Federation as well but these held both the stigma and pressure of meeting someone in an artificially imposed romantic setting. As he told me later, he was looking to meet people not attend a "meat market."

David saw our article in the Texas Jewish Post and contacted us. This started a dialogue and he attended one of our Shabbat dinners. He told me about his experiences in the few months he had been living in Dallas and relayed how this was the first time since college that he felt a sense of community in an easy-going and relaxed environment. Since that Shabbat, David has been a fixture at many of our events which has led to his greater involvement in the Uptown community both Jewish and professional.

Another story was borne out of our very first event - the MoHo Brunch. Attendance was, to our surprise and delight, much higher than we expected including many people whom we met for the first time. As it turns out, many of our guests did not know each other either. Two people in particular, Rachel and Traci, struck up a conversation by the muffin station despite having never met before. After a few rounds of Jewish geography they realized they knew many of the same people and shared much in common. Traci was even in the same college sorority as Rachel's cousin. From bagels and coffee bloomed a friendship and from what I am told Traci and Rachel will be moving in together as roommates in the fall when their respective leases run out.

Stories like this emphasize the need for MoHo Dallas and make our jobs as community organizers and facilitators all the more rewarding.

-MoHo Dallas

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