Saturday, June 5, 2010

What Do You Do When You Want To Build 125 Green, Affordable Homes

 On October 29th 2008 Moishe Nola hosted a meeting for Destination Broadmoor - a program with the New Orleans Young Urban Professional to create process by which community participation helps direct the redevelopment of commercial/retail properties.  The leaders of the event - Reuben Teague and Zach Kupperman - led a discussion about the Broadmoor neighborhood and the types of redevelopment opportunities that may be possible in Broadmoor.  It was an evening of lively discussion and big ideas.  But no one could realize the seeds of progress that was planted that evening at the Moishe House.  

Fast forward to May 2010, Jonathan Graboyes (Moishe Nola resident and Director of Housing at Broadmoor Development Corporation) was attending EnviRenew's annual luncheon at the Downtown Sheraton.  EnviRenew aims to establish a replicable model for affordable housing while at the same time establishing community capacity so that New Orleans communities can grow even stronger than before.  After a sleep-inducing lunch buffet, Captain Ethan Frizell (aka Captain), the Director of the Salvation Army, stands up to address the audience.  He began his speech  by asking "What do you do if you want build 125 houses?"  The Captain made it clear this question was rhetorical.  The answer: "You go to a Moishe House."  

Over the next 10 minutes the Captain described how he came to the Moishe House in New Orleans bck in 2008 to attend the Nola YURP Destination Broadmoor.  Turns out the Captain met Reuben Teague - also a co-founder of Green Coast Enterprises - and they began a conversation that would ultimately lead to the Salvation Army committing $10 million dollars towards the construction of 125 durable, energy efficient, affordable homes for teachers and first-responders in the Greater New Orleans Area over the next two years.  Twenty-five of these homes are to be built in the Broadmoor neighborhood. 


So next time you want to build 25 Leed Certified Affordable Homes come hang out at 5416 S. Tonti Street, New Orleans LA.  Moishe Nola - Connecting ambitious talented people in New Orleans since 2008.

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