Sunday, June 6, 2010


Looking into the past, a year seems like a long time. So much has happened, we have had many changes in housemates, a move into a new house and so many events full of joy I can hardly pin point one that rides above all else.

I would gladly look back to Moishe Fest, where we had more than 100 people in our garden bouncing up and down to live music blasting over a fat sound system. Whilst others were in the lounge 'Morrocan Tea Tent' listening to a skilled storyteller spinning yarns of wonder.

Or would it be countless Friday nights, when we have people sitting in the lounge in a circle singing Kabbalat Shabbat songs.

And then I could easily draw on the Tu Bish Vat Seder when we were skillfully taken through enjoying fruits in a meditative way and celebrating the mixtures of wine that are taken at this time.

When I look into the colourful past, I see yellows, blues and oranges. I see smiling faces, and times of beauty, love and community.

However, of late the time that really sticks in my mind is moving from the other house to this one. It was one of the hardest things I have had to go through, and could have been the most stressful but the way in which it was done was amazing. We had parents, friends and housemates helping us take belongings from one house to another. AND because they are so close we were using shopping trolleys to transfer some stuff.

I will never forget pushing a shopping trolley down the road in this civilized area, with house belongings in it, being stared at by confused onlookers!

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