Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meaningful MoHouse Philly

The evening of Moishe House Philly’s 2nd Annual, super classy, incredibly scrumptious, holiday Shabbat feast had finally arrived. Unsuspecting MoHouse Philly resident Alissa Worly was seated next to the dear friend of her roommate Danielle, a friend that would change the course of her life forever. The evening was filled with overflowing merriment, wine & spirits, and - of course because we are Jewish - great food. As the evening wore on and the mood lighting kicked in, Danielle’s friend became more and more convinced it was time to make her move or the opportunity might be lost for forever—she impulsively turned to Alissa and popped the age-old, tried and true question that’s been responsible for more than a handful of Jewish matrimonies: “Are you single?” Luckily for the friend, Alissa’s reply was a “Yes!” pronounced with at least 85% certainty.

To cut a long, meaningful story short—mysterious friend was none other than Ilana Jerud, dutiful sister, who was hitting on Alissa for her very eligible bachelor brother, Elliot Jerud. Once Ilana’s matchmaking genius set the ball rolling, Alissa and Elliot mutually swept each other off their respective feet. The crescendo-ing romance included scooter rides, sushi-making, skiing, and watching television under the protection of a giant umbrella. Oh, and SEATTLE. Yes, the happy ending is that this happy couple is now moving to Seattle together where Elliot will work at a hospital while Alissa gets her PhD in psychology. “We’re really PSYCHed about this move!” They told me one day when they didn’t realize I was interviewing them. “The Groupon deals in Seattle are sooo much better than in Philly!” When asked about her uncanny matchmaking abilities, Ilana explained, “It’s simple really. My brother is a Virgo, the Virgin, the Earth element and Alissa is a Sagittarius, Centaur, Fire—it’s a match made in the stars…” She paused for a moment before motioning me to lean in and whispered with a knowing nod, “They both have six letters in their first name and five letters in their last name.”

We leave our dedicated blog readers with a question to ponder—what will be the most lasting mark Alissa Worly and her boo will make on the Jewish community as they set forth on their new lives?

1) Moishe House Seattle?—specializing in psychoanalyzing and curing your most pressing mental and physical ailments.

2) Doubling the Jewish population of Sealand—the most beautiful island nation built on concrete stilts—during their honeymoon.

3) "MoHouse Baby" bibs. Or perhaps a little onesie that reads, “Ima and Abba met at MoHouse” ???

The possibilities are endless, but one thing's for certain--

Moishe House Philly will miss you, Alissa!

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