Thursday, June 3, 2010

MoHoLa Meaningful Moment

It's been a great first month. We (Micah, Steve, Jon, and Julie) are honored to be in charge of the Los Angeles chapter of Moishe house. If May is any indication of how our house will function then we're looking towards a successful year. We've seen relationships and friendships develop between strangers, we've created a warm space for the young Jewish community to congregate, and have created events that BP can't even contain, the fun is just pouring non-stop and has increased 20% since the kink knockout. It's difficult to choose one specific event/time that we can all say stood out above the rest. So we will talk about our first Shabbat as a house.

We hosted our first shabbat dinner, welcoming in our close friends and our families. We all felt a sense of pride and joy in being able to show everyone our house, and explain to them exactly what the Moishe House is about. We had a delicious dinner filled with matzoh ball soup, 3 different types of chicken, vegetarian chopped liver, babaganoush and a shmorgisboard of side dishes contributed by our guests. We did kiddush, shmoozed, and merrily enjoyed our evening. It was awesome for all of us to bring all of our friends together and introduce them to one another! We have already seen some sparks in the air, and can only imagine the friendships and relationships that will flourish. The shabbos spirit was in the air, and everyone could feel her.

Saturday evening, we attempted to have a havdallah event, and even though nobody outside of our house attended, we had a very meaningful havdallah service, amongst ourselves. Post havdallah, we had our first house warming party, and it was a great way to start the new week!

We look forward to the many more meaningful MoHoLa moments!


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