Monday, June 7, 2010

A meaningful story from Moishe House Warsaw

Once when I just got into MH crew :-) I had a funny situation with observing my friends coming on our parties. The thing for me was, that most of them were even thrilled to come here, looking around like it was a spooky place or a temple other place for prayers. For me it was a grate experience to watch it and in the same time I was feeling that it's the way it should be, that's the point of MH. All of these questions about MH – from religion to rules, were very meaningful. For some it was the first time to get in touch with Judaism.

Specially the way people were looking at inside – just like they were not quite sure how to react and where were they: a temple, a house, squat or what? Afterwards, the concerts I was doing in the house and in synagogue. How to behave, how to react. Of course this is the question to me also – how to describe, how to tell, how to explain. And the best thing was that I could let the people see that inside this old culture you can do something new, you can join it without fear of being bored of it. And important thing for me – to let myself into it even more, be part of it and create something new.

Sometimes it's so grate, that people starts to sign up for youth organizations or some other on place during some event. Then you can actually see how people react when you give them something special, something new or let them see that what old structures, traditions can give today.

Filip from Warsaw

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