Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mindfulness and Meaning in MoHOC

"Moishe house is the gateway drug [to Judaism]" Sara Mouser, MoHOC Participant

I decided to ask my roommates to contribute meaningful happenings from their time here.

"Seeing people come together and make new friends and take that new friendship to a new level means a great deal. As strangers become roommates, maybe start dating, make lifelong friendships; these are the moments that bring the depth of the Moishe House experience to light." Rae finds her meaningfulness in the unification of people who might have never otherwise met.

Mitch finds his muse in, "Helping people make friends, and not just the go and grab a beer type either; but the type of people you bring into your life that you can turn to and lean on when you need help. Even better is knowing that I, well we, have made a difference in the lives of those that pass through our doors. Personally, meeting my girlfriend, Alina, through the program is one of the most special things that has happened to me in my time here so far."

Me, I've been able to bring my non Jewish friends into a part of my life that they never previously ventured. I feel that sometimes we tend to segregate ourselves into compartments of Jews and Goy, having the opportunity to break down the "walls" between the two groups is really special to me. Being able to have the chance to invite non-Jew friends to try out Passover food, and be able to share a part of what makes me whole as a personal brings a deeper level of relevance to my Moishe House Experience.

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