Friday, June 4, 2010

Moishe House Oakland -- Meaningful Moment in May

I just moved into the Moishe House Oakland on May 1st. I'm only a month old here and have already shared a number of meaningful moments. I'm sure many of you can resonate with me on this one-- the feel of an enormous about of meaning and potential within the walls of our home. I'd like to share a particular story about an event we had last month-- CPR certification!

I've been certified in CPR a few times before, and all experiences were absurdly boring. The instructors were stale and awkward and it always took place in uncomfortable environments where we had to sit on the floor for hours and hours. Ironically, I remember pretty much nothing from these courses.

This month we hosted a CPR event in partnership with the staff of Camp Galileo. Our instructor was a cool man named Dan, who came to our house. We prepared some food and drinks and got our guests comfy on our large couches. Immediately, people were cracking jokes, at ease and having fun. Our instructor-- professional and yet silly-- felt comfortable enough to take the risk to share with us why he got into teaching CPR. His father had died suddenly from a heart attack while at the gym and not a single person volunteered to save his life by doing CPR. We were sobered by the importance of seriously learning the techniques of CPR and first aid, and yet, our instructor and guests still were connected to having fun and making the most of the experience. The event, beginning at 2pm... ended up lasting until the late hours of the night when we headed to the bar for a drink after all of us successfully passed the certification.

I was really excited by the possibility of making CPR training fun, affordable, and comfortable while taking it seriously all at once. If you'd told me two months ago that I'd be facilitating a way for 20+ people to save lives and have fun doing it I would have been very surprised! Moishe House has really opened a new context of potential in my life (not to mention a new found confidence to save peoples' lives!)

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