Saturday, June 5, 2010

MH Ho Bo

Use this month's blog to share a meaningful story or experience from your Moishe House Community. Feel free to be as specific as you would like when writing this blog.

One of my favorite Moishe House moments was in January when we had two members of two different Moishe Houses staying with us, Rachel of MH Silver Spring and Nati of MH Buenos Aires. It was awesome getting to reconnect with Rachel and bonding with Nati. The same week that Nati and Rachel were visiting we hosted a Tu B'shvat Seder, hosted by one of our community members, Danielle Spring. We were worried about the turnout of this event since this was the first time that we were having a Tu B'shvat seder and we knew that some of our regulars were going to be unable to come. It turned out we had no reason to worry as we had about 45 people, one of our largest turnouts ever and about 15 new people. During this program we had 3 Moishe Houses being represented and it was so nice to hear participants speaking to one another about their excitement of Moishe House and the anticipation of getting to visit Moishe Houses in different cities. It reminded me of how great the Moishe House community is and how amazing it that we can go to so many other cities and find a welcoming Moishe House community. I can't wait until the day when we will be able to go to any city and know that there will be a Moishe House there.

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