Monday, June 7, 2010

May Blog - MH JHB

For the month of May, one of our events was planned to be an Israel Update and dessert evening. Only 2 days before did we realize that it was actually Shavuot ! Neither of us are particularly observant Jews but there is a great tradition of learning all night for Shavuot to remember the receiving of the Torah. We felt it would be apt to change our event rather to a short tikkun leil looking at some of the biblical texts and of course eating cheese cake as is custom!

We were unsure if people would attend so we decided to partner up with Habonim for the event. It was such a success and we were really happy that we had the opportunity to engage people with Jewish learning that wasn’t boring or outdated. It was a really meaningful event for us as it showed that the youth in JHB who aren’t religious are still interested in their culture and traditions and showed us that perhaps we could do a bit more in this area/topic.

Unfortunately we are saying goodbye to our house mate Kayda as she makes Aliya and she will be sorely missed. Welcome to our new house mate Jenna Segal who will be moving in as of the 14th June!

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