Sunday, June 6, 2010

A nostalgic moment

Once upon a time the Chicago Russian Moishe House co-hosted an event
with the non-Russian Moishe House and KFAR, a Jewish Arts
organization. We promoted Solico, an Israeli DJ performing at a
bar/performance venue in Ukrainian Village, my old neighborhood. This
was not a major moment in Moishe House history, but a moment that was
both memorable and meaningful to me personally. When I lived in the
Ukrainian Village, I hung out with a non-Russian group of friends
before I knew anyone from the Russian-speaking community. I no longer
spend as much time with them, but on this night, both of my worlds
were heading on a collision course.

As it turns out, without promoting this event to anyone, my
non-Russian crew heard about this performance, and were heading there
that evening. They actually invited me - what a coincidence! While
the event did not attract massive numbers of people, I got to witness
members of not only my Russian Moishe House community and my old
community, but the other Moishe House and KFAR, all under one roof,
and in my old neighborhood. I have yet to fully comprehend the events
surrounding this evening, but there was magic, symbolism, and a
connection deeper than what I usually run across.

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