Monday, June 7, 2010

MH Vienna - May House Blog

Hello I would like to tell about one of our exciting Shabbat.

That was the last shabbat before Eytan our ex-roommate moved to Paris. As we have already mentioned we have several Jewish families who cook for Moishe House.This time we also wanted(for a change:-) to try some cooking arts, so we began on Thursday night. Each of us had to cook something(We remind you that we have 3 men in this Moishe House...). Michael has baked the chicken, Eytan - the fish, Tal- rice with the sauce, some families have made the salad and baked the cake for us,I prepared the choullent . For Friday evening we invited 26 guests and for Saturday afternoon - 20 guests.However, before the beginning of shabbat we had a small incident..., the choullent burned... it was so bad that the whole apartment smelled horrible.It was impossible to eat in our house and we could not let everyone know because it was almost Shabbat... You can imagine how we felt. Hectic we have 20 guests, no choullent, and we didn't have enough time. Eytan told me this: do not care, I will speak with owner of the kosher restaurant (Bernholz) if he still have place for 15 people (normally you need to reserve the dinner beforehand). And if it does not work we will ask some people in the synagogue if they can accommodate some of our people and we will have to find a place for us separately in the worst case.

But thanks God, Bernholz helped us with a great pleasure.There was a young woman, she was sitting alone at the table we told her to join us. We spent the entire Shabbat together. She was so happy that she mentioned that it was one of the best shabbats that she ever had.

So evantually, even if things seem to go bad it might change in a second. because we kept having a good spirit and belived that all that happens is for the best we had one of the most memoriable Shabbes here, this weekend could easily torn into a disaster...:-)

That's the secret of our Moishe House: you simply need to have the right people and the right approach and then you will have great time - no matter what!

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