Thursday, June 24, 2010

Leaving the vibrant community that is MHP

After two years of being involved in a successful experiment of Jewish community, I find myself moving on to other activities. One of the many contacts I have made over this time has helped me gain a new leadership role in my community - I am one of the co-chairs of LimmudPhilly, a large Jewish learning conference run almost entirely by volunteers. Unfortunately, it is a large time commitment and I cannot see myself performing adequately in Moishe House while putting the time into LimmudPhilly. Thus, I am leaving.

That being said, I want to emphasize to those residents in other cities who are moving out or who have moved out already: you can STILL remain involved. I plan on attending multiple events per month, helping to plan anything that I can, and bring a resource for the new housemates. As "Transition Specialist" I have already helped to bring a few of them into the fold and look forward to helping guide them in their new tasks.

And, in reality, I am not moving that far away. I found a wonderful place about four blocks west of Moishe House Philly so I'll be easily accessible. I look forward to sticking around and seeing how the community will grow and flourish. Yay MHP!

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