Monday, June 7, 2010

May Blog - MH Cape Town

The Crazy Cat lady strikes again!

May has been a fantastic month in the Cape Town Moishe House! With the world cup just around the corner, everyone seems to be getting really patriotic even in the house. It is a very exciting time, and we are looking forward to hanging out in the moishe house and watching some of the games together. We will be screening all the games live in the house and we welcome everyone to come and watch together. It should be great!

May also saw the birth of two new kittens Rosey and Lulu. As I am sure you know we live opposite a lady who is very fond of looking after stray kittens. One of the stray kittens recently gave birth in our back yard to two adorable kittens. Our neighbour has been helping feed them and we are now looking for homes for the two of them so that they can be nutured and loved in a good home. It was a very memorable experice and we erally hope that we can find homes for the two kittens as soon as possible. Although it shouldn't take too long, because they are exceptionally cute.

We are thinking of maybe adopting one of them as the new Moishe House cat, but we still need to give it some more thought.

We also celebrated both Julian and Omer's birthday in true Moishe House Cape Town style. They were both fantastic nights, I hope Julian and Omer enjoyed them as much as the rest of us. Unfortunately since all four of us have now had out birthdays, it looks like there won't be any cakes in the house for quite a while!

Until next time folks

Moishe House CT

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