Monday, June 7, 2010

May Blog - MH Mexico City

What does "meaningful" actually mean? If by meaningful you mean important, then I guess that this is something we have to define too.

There are many moments from which we have learned as a group, some that you could call crisis evens, and others that we can consider, in every aspect, as success stories.

Taking this in mind, it has been hard to choose only one as the most "meaningful" one of the many moments we´ve had in the Moishe House, What we have decided, then, is to talk about our last event as the most meaningful recent event. The reason for this is that it helped us have a feel of what a self-sustainable Moishe House community could be like in the future. This is, a vibrant pluralistic, international spot for jews to meet other jews.

Although we planed a month in advanced for one of our already traditional movie nights, lack of time and energies where factors that influenced this a pretty irregular night. Most of the times we have to call people to get them to come. This time, however, due to pressure from work and school, neither one of us called someone this time. The whole event was prepared a little hastily: we only uploaded the facebook event and hoped for the best. All we had where: a couple movies, no popcorn and nothing else to eat or to drink during the movie time.

"So... What make this event so special?" the reader could ask. Let us warn the reader that the upcoming answer to this question may not be as amazing or fantastic as reading about a miracle or something extraordinary series of events that will change world dynamics or alter future events. The very simple, very straightforward thing that happened was that, this time, our guests were completely new.

These newcomers found out about us through press, media and word-of mouth. What´s interesting is that none of them came from the same countries, and all of them had been planning on coming to our events a long time back, not knowing each other in any way.

Finally, they all managed to get to our facebook page and come to the event.

With the presence of these international newcomers, the event transformed completely; we could see that our past work as finally getting into all the rest of the people. We immediately felt what it´s like to feel like the catalyzers of a local community. Our house had turned into a place where anyone could come and just enjoy watching a movie with people, most of them unknown.

Tomorrow we are pushing the limits once again and making our first tikun olam event, this time we are going to join a meeting in support to the parents that lost their sons and daughters. Last year a daycare center exploded i´m Mexico and there has not been any accountable, all of this because of all the corruption that we suffer here in Mexico. We don't know what is going to happen in this event: lets hope we receive one of these small surprises once again.

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