Sunday, August 1, 2010

What new in Moishe?

Hi everyone

Its sunday and I am so excited about my trip to Israel, only two days left. I am going there to be a madricha on taglit birthright so I hope to meet many new potential Moishe House Warsaw visitors! Reaching out for new participant is very important to us, and now (its almost two years of our MH) is even more important. Since last two years we gathered a big community, or I can say family of people that are involved in our projects. But its always refreshing to see some new facec right? In August we have scheduled many interresting things, for example we orgnized screening of movie and a party for those taglit newcomers in warsaw famous cafe.
Yesterday we spend almost whole day searching for a nice place to fix up Rosh Hashana celebrations! Oh, another thing I meer very nice girl, her name is Marysia and she and her friends are thinking about etsablishing MH in Łodz!
So Rosh haShana is just around the corner and I'm wishing everyone really sweet year with Moishe House!

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David Cygielman said...

Have an amazing time in Israel! I take off today and will be in Jerusalem if you have any time to meet up!